We live in a world where we destroy to build new and destroy again. We are stuck in a circle of life that doesnt make a any sense. In only one decade there is a new technique or a better way to do things so we destroy what we have build up. We use things only once, because they’re built that way. Where did we go wrong? It’s not reputable to use one thing for a long time over and over again. We always want new and better things in life. It’s the hope that this item fulfill us with joy for a couple of days or weeks. 

Old things have a higher value to me. They tell a story. From the preowner, the location or time they came from. Who owned them? What made them get rid of it or keep it? What made the preowner buy it in the first place? In what places had the item been till now. How often was the item sold before? All these question will in the most cases never been answerd corectly. I find it very interesting trying to recreate the story about items i owne. 

Today’s art is made quick but will stick to you forever. In the back of your mind or under your skin. Everything we see and make will make something with us. If its music, a painting or anything else. Everthing has an impact on the soul. Everthing is forever in our minds. We forget about alot of it but its somewhere and it made us to the person we are today.